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After Performance Upgrade up to: 445 PS - 620 Nm

Individually Tailored:

For the best results, the custom Performance tune is executed using a custom remap for your unique BMW M2 F22 / F87. We do not use any pre-recoded data from other vehicles!

The individual adjustments carefully and fully comply to the manufacturing tolerances of your vehicle and that of any additional modifications.


We pay complete attention to the standard load limits set by BMW and do not exceed these.

More Performance

The Performance achieved after the tune is around 445 PS und 620 Nm

The procedure of the Performance Upgrade.

Arrange an appointment with our competent team. Usually you should receive one in short notice or within two weeks. Initially we will collect input measurements of your BMW by carrying out a controlled test run. This will also show you the hard numbers of your current performance of your BMW M2 F22 / F87 M5 F10.

At this stage, if we find any anomalies from the Standard Performance, we will discuss further procedure.

In the case that everything complies to the standard range, we will consult you in accordance with your own preferences and wishes on what modifications should be done to your electronic control unit.

We will then need about three hours for the Tuning of the vehicle.

Finally, after the programming has been successfully completed, we will record the output measurements and accompany you for a test drive.

Anomalies from the Standard Performance

The cause for this can be various of things. We will initially read out the fault log and discuss the plan of action if any errors are present.

We are capable of amending almost any errors.


We save your original Software, it can be played back onto your vehicle at any time; in cases like leasing return or sale.

A software update by your dealer can erase your Performance Upgrade.

One additional reprogramming of your tuning software is possible any time and is included in the price. (For a reprogramming after Update)

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